Authorities in China reminds visitors of etiquette



A police station in Changsha, Hunan province, has become a surprise tourist destination after gaining fame through a documentary series. However, authorities are reminding visitors to maintain decorum during their visits.

The Pozijie police station, featured in the documentary Guardians of Jiefangxi since 2019, has seen a surge in visitors this year's May Day holiday. The series depicts the daily work of officers patrolling the bustling Jiefangxi area, known for its high foot traffic and diverse challenges.

Tourists flocking to the station for photos have created queues and prompted the use of loudspeakers to manage crowds. Authorities are particularly urging visitors to avoid mimicking the posture of a suspect being apprehended, with hands clasped behind their heads.

"Visitors should avoid entering police officers' office areas without permission and refrain from engaging in uncivilized behaviors," said Liang Hui, deputy captain of the Cybersecurity Brigade at the Tianxin branch of the Changsha public security bureau.

Lawyer Zhu Xue from Beijing Strategy Law Firm sees the visits as a positive sign. "Taking photos at the station is a form of recognition of the rule of law," Zhu said, as long as it doesn't disrupt police work. However, Zhu emphasized the importance of maintaining order and avoiding poses that could be misinterpreted.

The Pozijie station's newfound fame highlights the growing popularity of reality-based documentaries in China, while reminding authorities of the need to balance public interest with operational needs.

Source: China Daily

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