Etiquette Tips for eating a HUGE sandwich

🥪 Eating a High Stacked Sandwich can be a little tricky. Here are a few tips to make it more manageable:

🥪PRESS IT DOWN: Use your hands to gently press down on the top of the sandwich to compress the ingredients a bit. Go slow and stop when the ingredients start oozing out. This can help make the sandwich easier to handle and take bites from. Cold sandwiches are easier to mash down.

🥪 CUT IT IN HALF: This can make it easier to eat one half at a time without everything spilling out.

🥪EAT IT SIDEWAYS: Instead of trying to take a bite from the top of the sandwich, try turning it on its side and eating it horizontally. This can help prevent the fillings from falling out as you eat.

🥪REMOVE SOME LAYERS: Consider removing some of the layers or ingredients to make it more manageable. Make two open face sandwiches.

🥪USE A KNIFE & FORK: If all else fails, using a knife and fork can help you control the mess and make eating a tall sandwich easier.

🥪Bonus: Grab PLENTY of napkins!

🥪Assumptions: You're not eating in a high-end restaurant as most don't have High Stacked sandwiches. "High stacked" means too tall to fit in your mouth.


Most importantly, enjoy your sandwich with friends 😃

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