Small Group Etiquette Classes

Small Group Etiquette Classes

Small Group Etiquette Classes

Regular price $65.00

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Age Guide: 3 years old to adult

Investment: $65.00 per person

Number of Guests: Up to 15 people. For more than 15 people please call 919-292-5886

Location: 22 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27603 or via Zoom or Teams

Cultivate poise, confidence, and social finesse with our premium one hour sessions. 

Unlock the power of grace, confidence, and professionalism with personalized private etiquette classes. Elevate your social and professional skills with tailored instruction designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Choose your one hour session in one of the following areas. 

  1. Introduction to Etiquette: An overview of the principles and importance of etiquette in various social and professional settings.

  2. Dining Etiquette: Proper table manners, dining customs, and formal dining protocols for business lunches, formal dinners, and social gatherings.

  3. Communication Etiquette: Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including active listening, body language, and professional etiquette in conversations and correspondence.

  4. Business Etiquette: Protocol and decorum in the workplace, including appropriate attire, professional conduct, office etiquette, and networking skills.

  5. Social Graces: Social etiquette, including introductions, greetings, courtesy, and gracious behavior in social situations.

  6. Technology Etiquette: Guidelines for proper use of technology and communication tools, including email etiquette, social media etiquette, and smartphone etiquette.

  7. Personal Grooming and Appearance: Tips for grooming, personal hygiene, grooming etiquette, and dressing appropriately for different occasions.

  8. International Etiquette: Cultural awareness and etiquette guidelines for interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and navigating international business environments.

  9. Event Etiquette: Protocol and etiquette for attending and hosting events, including weddings, parties, conferences, and formal ceremonies.

  10. Etiquette in Special Situations: Etiquette guidelines for specific situations, such as job interviews, client meetings, public speaking engagements, and dealing with difficult people.

These categories provide a comprehensive framework for various life scenarios; from social interactions to professional conduct and personal grooming. Tailoring the course content to include these categories ensure a well-rounded etiquette education.

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