Our Executive Director & Lead Instructor

Saideh Brown is President Emeritus of the National Council of Women at the United Nations. She has a diverse career that spans entertainment, sports, real estate/interior design, social engagement and philanthropy. Saideh is a lifestyle consultant and strategist, and Executive Director of The Etiquette Academy, founded by her mother in 1976. The academy provides modern day manners and performance solutions to help entrepreneurs, executives, and aspiring leaders harness the power of social intelligence to excel in life.

Raised in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City above The Village Gate, Saideh lived an immersive experience of urban city living. The famed NYC Pride Parade, the West 4th St. basketball cages, and the Village's bohemian arts culture provided an intersectional foundation for what would become a life of service to others and an entrepreneurial journey unmatched by few.

She served as the first Muslim President of the National Council of Women at the United Nations, and worked tirelessly to counter the existential threat of the acquisition wealth towards women, and transfer of wealth within the black community. With specialized knowledge of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and its 2030 Agenda, Saideh truly believes our personal development drives the collective transformation that's necessary to make the world more peaceful and prosperous for generations to come.

Saideh A. Brown is the author "Table Manners for Teens" and eleven other published books; she has served on three multi-million dollar non-profit boards.