Etiquette Essentials Pro. Power Players Have Manners

Etiquette Essentials Pro. Power Players Have Manners
Etiquette Essentials Pro. Power Players Have Manners

Etiquette Essentials Pro. Power Players Have Manners

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Power Players Have Manners is our signature business etiquette course, and teaches etiquette and performance solutions to help you unveil the secret language of influence, understand cultural fluency, and how to navigate in today's global society. 

Class Duration: 3 hours

Investment: $495 per person includes a 3 course dinner

Age Guide: 16 years old and up

Location: 22 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

Includes: Dinner, a personalized certificate of completion and a luxury skincare set perfect for travel.  

Formal Dining Etiquette

  • Understanding seating arrangements and precedence
  • Protocol for toasts, speeches, and other formalities
  • Etiquette for hosting and attending formal events
  • Understanding formal dining settings and events
  • Proper use of utensils, glassware, and table settings
  • Etiquette for multiple-course meals
  • Handling challenging foods gracefully
  • Behavior expectations during formal dinners and events

International Etiquette

  • Understanding cultural differences in etiquette
  • Respecting diversity in social and professional settings
  • Adapting to different cultural norms gracefully
  • Etiquette in multicultural environments

Principles of Good Manners

  • Core principles of etiquette and manners
  • Respect, consideration, and empathy in social interactions
  • Politeness and kindness as foundational elements
  • Role-playing scenarios to practice good manners

Greetings and Introductions

  • Proper techniques for greetings and introductions
  • Remembering names and making introductions memorable
  • Cultural considerations in greetings and introductions
  • Handling introductions in various social settings

Speaking and Communication

  • Effective verbal communication skills
  • Active listening techniques
  • Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness in communication
  • Public speaking tips and techniques

Social Media and Digital Etiquette

  • Best practices for online communication
  • Netiquette guidelines for social media platforms
  • Privacy settings and online security measures
  • Handling conflicts and disagreements online
  • Building a positive online presence

Wedding and RSVP Etiquette

  • Understanding wedding etiquette traditions
  • Proper RSVP etiquette
  • Gift-giving guidelines for weddings
  • Dress code expectations for wedding guests
  • Behavior expectations during wedding ceremonies and receptions

Personal Brand - Social Media

  • Crafting a professional online persona
  • Aligning social media content with personal brand goals
  • Building and engaging with online communities
  • Leveraging social media for networking and career advancement

Database Development and Networking

  • Building and maintaining professional networks
  • Using databases and networking tools effectively
  • Importance of follow-up and nurturing professional relationships
  • Leveraging networking for career growth and opportunities

Relationship Management

  • Building and nurturing professional relationships
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Maintaining boundaries and professionalism in relationships

Holiday Etiquette

  • Proper behavior and etiquette during holidays
  • Gift-giving etiquette
  • Hosting and guest etiquette for holiday gatherings
  • Managing stress and conflicts during the holiday season

Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding conflict resolution techniques
  • Effective communication during conflicts
  • Negotiation and compromise skills
  • Dealing with difficult personalities and resolving conflicts peacefully

Business Etiquette & Networking

  • Professionalism in business settings
  • Meeting etiquette (agenda, punctuality, introductions)
  • Networking strategies for career advancement
  • Building rapport with colleagues and clients

Family Etiquette - Navigating Difficult Conversations

  • Handling sensitive topics within the family
  • Communicating effectively with family members
  • Setting boundaries and managing conflicts within the family unit
  • Building and maintaining strong family relationships

Wine Basics 

  • Understanding different types of wine
  • Proper wine serving and glassware
  • Wine tasting etiquette
  • Pairing wine with food

Thank You Notes & Correspondence

  • Importance of expressing gratitude
  • Proper etiquette for thank-you notes and letters
  • Guidelines for writing professional and personal correspondence
  • Using correspondence to strengthen relationships

The Art of Conversation

  • Engaging in meaningful conversations
  • Active listening and asking open-ended questions
  • Finding common ground and building rapport
  • Navigating different conversational topics and dynamics

Travel Etiquette

  • Proper behavior and etiquette during travel
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity while traveling
  • Airport and hotel etiquette
  • Interacting with locals respectfully

Event Etiquette

  • Proper behavior and etiquette at various events (galas, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Dress code expectations for different types of events
  • Interacting with hosts, guests, and event staff
  • Handling unexpected situations with grace

Liquors and Glasses

  • Understanding different types of liquors
  • Proper serving techniques and glassware
  • Etiquette for tasting and enjoying liquors
  • Pairing liquors with appropriate glassware

Cigars and Luxury Goods

  • Etiquette for enjoying cigars
  • Understanding different types of cigars
  • Proper cigar-cutting and lighting techniques
  • Etiquette for handling luxury goods

Gift Giving Etiquette

  • Guidelines for giving and receiving gifts gracefully
  • Occasions appropriate for gift-giving
  • Choosing appropriate gifts for various recipients
  • Handling gift-giving in professional and personal settings

Table Manners for Difficult Cuisines

  • Etiquette for dining with challenging cuisines (e.g., sushi, Indian food)
  • Proper use of utensils and handling unique dishes
  • Cultural considerations in dining etiquette for different cuisines

This curriculum covers a comprehensive range of etiquette topics, ensuring you  receive a well-rounded education in social graces and professional conduct.

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