4 Session Etiquette Program for Schools & NP Organizations | $65 per participant

4 Session Etiquette Program for Schools & NP Organizations | $65 per participant

4 Session Etiquette Program for Schools & NP Organizations | $65 per participant

Regular price $65.00

The cost for this program is $65.00 per student.

The four-session etiquette program provides a comprehensive introduction to essential social and professional etiquette skills. Through interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and real-world scenarios, students will develop the confidence and competence to navigate diverse social and professional environments with grace, courtesy, and professionalism.

Participants will learn: 

Session 1: Understanding Etiquette and Its Importance 

  • Understanding Etiquette (60 minutes)
    • Overview of etiquette: Definition, significance, and relevance in modern society.
    • Introduction to basic principles: Respect, courtesy, consideration, and professionalism.
    • Icebreaker activity: Role-playing scenarios to illustrate the impact of etiquette in different situations.

Session 2: Communication and Social Etiquette

Objective: Enhance students' communication skills and understanding of social etiquette norms.

  • Effective Communication (60 minutes)
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication: Importance of tone, body language, and active listening.
    • Dos and don'ts of conversation: Strategies for initiating and maintaining meaningful conversations.
    • Role-playing activity: Practicing communication skills through mock social interactions.

Session 3: Dining and Table Manners

Objective: Teach students proper dining etiquette and table manners for various social and professional settings.

  • Dining Etiquette (60 minutes)
    • Overview of formal and informal dining settings: Table settings, utensil usage, and seating arrangements.
    • Dining do's and don'ts: Techniques for eating gracefully, navigating multiple-course meals, and engaging in polite conversation.
    • Hands-on activity: Setting a formal dining table and practicing proper dining etiquette during a mock meal.

Session 4: Two Options*

Option 1: Professional Etiquette and Networking Students prepare for professional environments and networking opportunities through the practice of business etiquette.

Option 2: A Dining Experience*  Students will enjoy a dining experience to implement the social intelligence, manners, and table etiquette they have learned.


*There is an additional cost to cover meals, and beverages. The additional cost is determined by the organization's menu selection.



Saideh Brown, more popularly known as Luxury Sai, has a diverse career that spans entertainment, real estate, interior design, social engagement and philanthropy. Apart from her contributions in the private sector, she is President Emeritus of the National Council of Women at the United Nations.

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