Prom Prep! An Etiquette Class for High School Seniors

Prom Prep! An Etiquette Class for High School Seniors

Prom Prep! An Etiquette Class for High School Seniors

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Prom Prep is a 90-minute class on promenade etiquette, designed to teach high school students the proper social behaviors, and manners expected during a prom or formal event.

The class aims to prepare students for a memorable and respectful prom experience, and covers:

  1. Dress Code: The appropriate attire for prom, including the significance of formal wear, dress codes, and guidelines for both genders.

  2. Grooming and Personal Hygiene: Including topics like appropriate hairstyles, makeup, cologne/perfume usage, and overall cleanliness.

  3. Social Interaction: We cover social skills such as making introductions, engaging in polite conversation, and behaving courteously in group settings.

  4. Table Manners: We cover basic table manners, including proper use of utensils, dining etiquette, and navigating a formal dinner setting.

  5. Respect and Consent: We cover the importance of respect and consent in social situations, especially regarding physical interactions, dancing, taking photos and other areas that can have a lifelong footprint. 

  6. Social Media Etiquette: As social media is often involved in prom experiences, we cover responsible social media usage, posting etiquette, and respecting others' privacy.

  7. Chaperone Interaction: We cover best practices for interacting with chaperones and other adults present at the event, showing respect and appreciation for their role in ensuring a safe environment.

  8. Cultural Sensitivity: We touch on cultural sensitivity, encouraging students to be aware and respectful of diverse backgrounds and traditions that may be present at the event.

  9. Overall Behavior: Finally, we discuss the importance of behaving responsibly and respectfully throughout the entire prom experience, from arrival to departure.

This course aims to instill a sense of confidence and courtesy in students, helping them navigate the social aspects of prom with grace and consideration for others.

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